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Kendrick Lamar Set To Perform His New Music In 2021 At Roskilde Festival

Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is taking the stage in 2021 with new music.

It’s starting to look like the new Kendrick Lamar album that we’ve all been pining for will arrive in time for next summer. The rapper has been pretty busy with the undertaking for quite some time now. K. Dot dropped his outstandingly awarded, critically acclaimed, multi-Platinum No. 1 album DAMN in 2017 and also a soundtrack album for the iconic Black Panther film the following year.

Since then, the Pulitzer Prize winner has been up to a lot, including focusing on his artists from his new pgLang imprint, a “multilingual collective” that he established earlier this year. The pgLang roster has been releasing music throughout Kendrick’s relative absence from the music scene. Lately, however, we have been getting hints that the rapper is going to be dropping some heat of his own pretty soon. Now we can finally confirm that K. Dot will, in fact, be performing new music in 2021.

According to a new report, The Rokslide Festival of Denmark confirmed that Kendrick Lamar will headline their 2021 event. They announced in a press release that the rapper will not only be the star of the show, but he will be performing new songs. The Rokslide Festival is slated to happen in June 2021, which hopefully puts the release of new Kendrick tracks on the timeline at around early 2021. The rapper was spotted getting a video project done around September, which was believed to be a music video for one of his own songs. Then late last month, we found out that TDE had just wrapped up some more visuals, which fans speculated was also some more work for K. Dot.

Kendrick has remained tight-lipped even throughout fans groveling, rumors surfacing about his relationship with TDE, and criticism from another artist about his lyrical abilities. Perhaps he’s saving it for the album, or at least that’s what fans hope. The TDE artist recently signed a new publishing deal with Universal Music Group. The exclusive global admin deal follows the rapper inking a publishing agreement with BMI the year prior. Pretty much everything K. Dot has been up to since he’s been focused on his impending album is leading up to its grand release, and his festival performance in Denmark next June is just another piece of the puzzle.

Do you think Kendrick plans to announce the album at all, or is he going for a surprise drop?