I-Octane Showcases Massive Weight Loss After 6 Months

I-Octane drop a whole body in just six months.

I-Octane shocked fans at his massive weight gain during the year that left him with a big belly and his face plump and almost recognizable. Now, the artiste is showing off his hard work and dedication as he drops the quarantine bodyweight showing a slim and sexy I-Octane that his fans are used to.

In an Instagram post showing before and after photos, he said he gained the weight due to various stressful situations he was going through. “Life comes with ups and downs but when your [sic] facing bad times that’s how you know your true character.”

He added that the pictures of him being fat were taken six (6) months ago before he went on his weight loss journey, which included dieting and exercise guided by celebrity personal trainer Patrice White. White has been training a number of artistes, including Elephant Man, Beenie Man, Krystal Tomlinson, and many others. A few weeks back, Elephant Man and I-Octane had a workout battle as the two sought to beat the other on stamina and endurance as Patrice dropped challenging exercises on them.

I-Octane said when he gained weight, many persons “styled” him. “I see and hear everyone who did a style me when I was going tru a ruff time in llife so gained weight because of the stress it comes with….but guess what, mi neva dead so I know once my mind is in the right place again I can fix it.”

He also had advice for those living a healthier life “…this message is for the people out there who a go tru the samething and wants to give up. Listen to me don’t, pls don’t. Mek dem laugh and talk just stay focus and work on you.”

I-Octane’s trainer also chimed in saying, “muscles loading in 2021. Shredded Ras we say.” Well, ladies, Patrice is in the process of creating an eye candy for the New Year!