Tami Chin Makes First Performance In 8 Years At Appleton’s “Reserve the Night” Concert

Tami Chin and her husband Wayne Marshall have become viral sensations with their renditions of various dances and songs. It seems that this has kept her vocal cords in great shape as she delivered a phenomenal performance last Sunday, December 27, at Appleton’s “Reserve the Night” Concert.

It’s amazing how Tami Chin, formerly Tami Chynn, pulled off such a powerful performance with ease, considering she hasn’t performed live in eight years! Her husband and sister Tessanne Chin also performed at the event. It was streamed live. Fans knew they were in for a treat as soon as she began her set with “Hyperventilating”. She followed that up with stellar performances of “Frozen” and “Over and Over Again.” Showing her range, she also added Capleton’s “Or Wah” and Damian Marley’s “There For You.”

Even though it must have been nerve-racking getting back on stage after such a long hiatus, she was happy to rise to the challenge, and she shared her feelings via Twitter following the performance. She also thanked her fans for the support.

“Wow guys. The love is so overwhelming. Thank you for the immense support and thanks so much tuning in. It’s been 8 years since I performed. It was a beautiful moment for me. Thanks for sharing that with me.”

Tami Chin fans agreed with her that the performance was top-class. “Not lying, I had stopped to see what all the talk was about, and wanted to see your performance, … I was hooked. And watched it all. Enjoyed every minute. You all did well. Need a repeat show,” this fan said while this one added, “Omggggg tami….listen….this whole show brought me through soo many emotions….smiles, tears, laughter omggg…. This was soo awesome….”

She also used Instagram to share her feelings about the performance. She gave a much more detailed account of how she felt. She also thanked both her husband and Tessane for their support.

“To say we had a blast would be an understatement.? I had a full circle moment last night. The last time I performed I was 6 months pregnant with Jax. 8 years later, I sat in the living room watching this performance with Alex who kept saying “I remember that song!” I was simultaneously feeding my 16month old, trying to get my 4 year old to stop jumping on the couch and trying to tune out the now 7yr old who was begging me to change the channel. LOL. Talk about #realitycheck?.”

She added: “So much has changed but some things have remained the same; My daddy was right there beside me cheering me on, my hubby was staring at me lovingly and the “after show high” is still a real thing.? My love for music remains even if I only choose to do it every now and again for fun. I was reminded that our gifts don’t ever leave us, they sometimes just need a little waking up. A likkle acknowledgement. A likkle nudge. And when you do call on those gifts, they come right back to you and they help you to sometimes remember who you are and how far you’ve come.”

You can check out her performance below.