Iggy Azalea Exposed Playboi Cart For Cheating During Pregnancy, Side Chick Respond

Iggy Azalea son Playboi Carti
Iggy Azalea son and Playboi Carti

Iggy Azalea went on a rant at Playboi Carti for ditching her and her son’s first Christmas so he can attend an album launch party. She also says that he has treated her “like sh*t” during her pregnancy and has been sleeping with multiple women.

In an Instagram live video, the 30 years old rapper also revealed that Playboi Carti, 24, missed the birth of his son because he wanted to play video games with Lil Uzi, and he has also neglected to sign his son’s birth certificate in spite of her begging him to do so.

“He’s been doing this while I was pregnant, this man didn’t even come to see his son be born. He went to Philly to play PlayStation with Lil Uzi. He thought that was more important than seeing his son be born. I had a scheduled C-section by the way because my son was so big, I could not have a natural birth.”

Iggy Azalea added that because Playboi Carti did not show up for his son’s birth, this caused his fans to speculate that Carti had doubts about the paternity of the child.

The pair shares a son Onyx who was born sometime early 2020, and Iggy Azalea says she has been putting up with Carti as the relationship hanging by a thread, even as he cheated throughout her pregnancy with multiple women. She says she has been led on by Carti with promises of the perfect relationship and home environment for their son.

“I told him you’re going to leave us stranded in LA for Christmas as he goes off for his album party?”

She also claims that Carti was seen online kissing another woman @Brandimarion on Instagram, and it also appears that the two have had an altercation.

“I see this b*tch posting ‘love you’ [imitating smooching sounds]…Yall want to be together be together and how you got him is how you lose him,” she said. She added “you’re not the only one, I could name 6/7 other girls he f**ks,..I’m only exposing you since you wanted to be this in the public Brandy. I would spare the others but please know you’re not the only girl he f-ks.”

Iggy says she and Carti are no longer in a relationship but that she wanted the world to know what kind of person Carti is. She also said she didn’t plan to write a song about what’s happening in her life in relation to her son’s father but that she is angry at the time she has wasted waiting for him to get himself together. “I want the world to know how you really are and maybe you can be accountable and maybe you can be a better dad and do the sh*t you said you were gonna do because every single part of this was bullsh*t and every single thing this man said would happen has not happened.”

It also seems like Iggy and the female she named- an Instagram model with 259k followers, had an altercation recently. While Iggy did not share too many details- the young lady also responded by saying she was not a homewrecker. “I would never knowingly be with someone that is in a relationship. EVER.”

She says she met Playboi Carti whose real name is Jordan Carter, in May and she says he had told her he had a son already born but that he and the mother was not together. She says Carti did not cheat on Iggy with her “before meeting him I had no idea of anything about a child. So let’s clear that up, wrong girl for that situation it was definitely someone else that he was with throughout your pregnancy.”

Brandi also denies that she hid from Iggy Azalea in a closet as she caught Carti cheating. However, the IG model claims that it wasn’t her and that Carti also told her about that incident with another girl.

Brandi claims that she has always shown respect to Iggy as the mother of Carti’s son but that after discovering her identity, then “came the harassment and verbal threats, which I did not respond to.”

Brandi further claims that the woman smooching Carti at his album release party is not her.