VP Records Releases Spice Song “Frenz” Amid Feud With RT Boss & Team Spice

VP Records heard Spice call to release her single “Frenz.”

The Dancehall artiste and reality star shared the good news that VP Records has released her song, Frenz. During her live video last week, as she addressed various issues involving her baby father and her former Team Spice Dancer Danger, Spice became enraged and emotional that everyone was trying to tear her down even as she has done nothing to warrant such ill will.

The artiste cried as she shared the many hardships she faced in order to achieve her success and called out on VP Records to release her song Frenz, which she said reminds her of the realities her mother spoke of. Spice was directly referring to the drama created by Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith, who claimed to be her ‘Spiritual advisor’ and raised several allegations that Spice and him were involved in obeah against other dancehall artistes, along with various other sensational information RT Boss released as “receipts” in order to bring his former friend down.

Spice wanted VP to release the song as a warning and guidance to others to be careful who they trust.

The artiste and the New York-based VP Records seems to have had a bad relationship after the artiste accused the label of non-performance during the ten years that she was signed.

VP Records released Spice’s hit sing So mi Like it and other works like Conjugal visit featuring Vybz Kartel. However, Spice was not very happy with the label as she called them out to release her album or its war.

Spice shared the ecstatic news that the song is finally out on her Instagram on Saturday. Wearing a baby pink Graci Noir outfit, Spice sings along to the song. She also runs around her Kitchen island in joy at the song.

In a second post, Spice also released the artwork, which masterfully features someone tagged as ‘Spice Frenz’ holding a knife behind their back. Spice said, “thank you @vprecords. This one hit home. No need to ask which song is my favourite anymore it’s #Frenz for me. Which line is it for you? she asked her fans.

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