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Lil Baby’s Album “My Turn” Made $19 Million In A Pandemic Year

Lil Baby’s My Turn is the highest-grossing album in 2020 despite not being nominated for a Grammy.

Lil Baby has been in the news for a lot of different reasons this year. He’s made headlines for varying reasons, from his sex life to dropping great music. This time he’s trending because his music has earned him some top dollars this year. His My Turn album has earned an impressive US $19 million, making it the highest grossing album of the year.

DJ Akademiks shared a list of the top five albums in terms of gross earnings this year. The fifth album on the list is The Weeknd’s “After Hours,” which brought in $15.5 million. The Weeknd’s fans were up in arms because he was left out of the Grammy’s after he didn’t earn a single nomination, but his record sales have been phenomenal.

Pop Smoke’s Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon is featured at number three on the list with $15.8 million grossing.

Fans weighed in with their thoughts, and several of them have called for a Grammy nomination for Lil Baby.

“Lil baby best album of the year and couldn’t win a Grammy,” one fan wrote while another added, “Lil baby not being Grammy-nominated is just sickening.” Another fan of the rapper had this to say: “Lil baby got the best album but didn’t get nominated for album of the year and rap album for the Grammy.”

A few weeks ago, Lil Baby announced his new booking price between US$75-100,000. With this latest news, it seems he’s justified in calling for a higher price.