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Jeremih Details How COVID-19 Seriously Damaged His Organs

As if there needed to be any more proof of how awful COVID-19 is, Jeremih has a testimony.

The Chicago R&B singer was one of the millions of Americans who has been infected with the dreaded coronavirus that has left even more dead worldwide. Fans were terrified when it was announced last month that Jeremih had been hospitalized after testing positive for the deadly virus and was placed on a ventilator due to breathing difficulties.

The “Going Through Some Thangz” singer has since made a recovery and been discharged, but made no secret about hiding just how bad things were at one point. Sharing on Sway in the Morning that he did not even remember the day that he was admitted, the 33-year-old said that he had an intubation tube down his throat for a week and a half, and he thought at several points that he may not make it.

“What I ended up having— and I don’t mind sharing it because now, you know, I’m here — it was called a [multisystem] inflammatory syndrome. MIS. Which is a rare case of, you know, cause and effect of [COVID-19],” Jeremih said. “My whole insides, all my organs, became inflamed. It was going down.”

As a result of having coronavirus, Jeremih now has antibodies. While they are likely to prevent another infection for several months, it is not confirmed that the artist cannot contract COVID again in the future unless he gets a vaccine. The FDA has approved an emergency roll-out of Pfizer’s vaccine in the US, but many, like Offset, are too nervous about receiving it, with the Migos rapper telling TMZ, “I don’t trust it. I just don’t wanna be the test dummy.”