Trap Dancehall Is Dead Says Self-Proclaim Traphall King Blacksan

Is Trap Dancehall music dead?

Fans might remember CPR Squad member Blacksan from back in 2018 when he dubbed himself “King of Trap Dancehall.” Now it seems the artist is declaring that trap dancehall is actually dead. He made the statements while being interviewed by the Jamaica Star. In 2018, he also took aim at Rygin King, who fans commonly refer to as the “King of Trap Dancehall,” saying that he stole his style to become famous. Blacksan said that the entire vibe and flow of the sub-genre lost its momentum.

“A me create the whole traphall vibe and so if me nuh sing dem nuh have nothing fi copy,” he said. He said now everyone could see that he was really the King. He added this, even though Rygin King is rumored to have an entire upcoming album of trap dancehall. Since falling off the scene, Blacksan said that he has focused his attention towards the US and has also been taking time to learn more about the music industry.

He revealed that he now has his own company and label and that most of his attention goes towards that. Even so, he intends to make a big splash soon with his return to dancehall.

“Right now a ready mi ready fi take over and show dem say a never joke thing and a did me a di real king. 2021 mi a plan fi kick people inna dem teet’ the real official way because mi wah come back pan the map and claim mi throne straight,” he said.

Blacksan also cleared the air that he has nothing personal against Rygin King and that his comments were meant to show that he should be credited with the dominance of trap dancehall and not King. He expects to drop his debut EP next year, 2021.