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Tommy Lee Sparta Announces World Tour Days Before His Arrest For Illegal Gun

Tommy Lee Sparta announced his new world tour just before his arrest on suspicion of carrying illegal gun.

Jamaican entertainer Tommy Lee Sparta is looking to take the world by storm, as he announces his upcoming Under Vibes World Tour. The entertainment world was put on a standstill earlier this year with the onset of the coronavirus, which sent shivers down the spines of many, and claimed the lives of others. The world is now actively trying to find a way to cope with the virus, while drugmakers work around the clock to perfect a vaccine. Jamaica is still quite cautious about granting permission for gatherings, and rightfully so, after the increase in numbers that followed mass gatherings from several electoral campaigns and a tested reopening from earlier this year.

Naturally, the lockdown has carved a huge hole in the earnings from entertainers, and it seems Tommy is looking to reclaim some of the wealth. His tour is scheduled to run from March 1 – May 12, 2021, with stops in Europe and Africa, already confirmed. Kenya, Ghana, Southafrica, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, The UK, Switzerland, and France will finally get a taste of Tommy Lee Sparta.

Opening acts booked to get the crowd pumping before the Jamaican superstar takes stage are Jupitar, Kalibwoy, Blakmexiah, Chucky Serious, and Nat Easy.

Tommy’s gothic image, while sometimes frowned upon in Jamaica, is loved and embraced in other aspects of the world. The entertainer is also a savage when it comes to working a stage and should have no problem with keeping his audience captivated with his catalog of hits. In March, Tommy Lee Sparta teamed up with international acts Lil Xan and Inas X for a trap number titled “Ride For Me.” His delivery proved to fans that he possesses the ability to effectively cross over into other genres while incorporating his hardcore dancehall vibe.

We’re all hoping for a successful Under Vibes Tour if and when it kicks off next year, but currently Tommy Lee Sparta is behind bars potentially facing prison time if found guilty for possession of illegal gun.