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Jahmiel Released His New Single “Love Lost” Featured On World Press Riddim


Jahmiel is reflecting on his past relationship with the one who got away in his new song “Love Lost.” The song should hit close to home for anyone who has been in a tough one-sided relationship filled with lies, lack of faith, and little to no respect. Jahmiel speaks from the perspective of the person who has inflicted the emotional scars and is now looking back at the things he could have done better.

“You derseve better, me shoulda love you like crazy but now you gone your ways baby,” he sings in the chorus.

“Me sorry fi break your heart a try find myself/ Sorry fi always a complain and never see the problems dem inna myself,” he continues.

Jahmiel has recently revealed that he will no longer be venturing down a road filled with thuggish or gangster type lyrics and will instead refocus the attention to his more positive outputs. “Love Lost” falls in such a boat as it’s not only melodic in nature but should also prove to be very inspirational for folks who are currently looking to work through relationship issues. The track is produced by US-based production company Sponge Music for their World Press Riddim. The compilation also features MVP artiste Alkaline.

You can check out Jahmiel’s smooth new joint below.