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Vybz Kartel Chronicles Life In The Ghetto In “Bududum” Video

Vybz Kartel chronicles real life in the ghetto in his new cinematic music video, “Bududum.”

Vybz Kartel has teamed with T100 Records for his latest release titled “Bududum.” The two have proved that chemistry resides somewhere between them with the release of “Tony Montana” on the Medellin Cartel Riddim nine months ago. The riddim track employs some of the same rolling synths as their previous hit project, but one of the main differences lies in the tempo at which the track attacks.

If “Tony Montana” felt like a race against time for Vybz Kartel, then “Bududum” is the thief of said time. The slower pace of the more recent production allows Vybz Kartel to alter his voice to match that of serial killer Jigsaw from the Saw movie franchise. The delivery of the already foul lyrical content is what helps its ranking on the scare scale.

The violent nature of the video also helps to bring across the dark elements of the project. The storyline goes: A disc jockey is approached by a group of thugs for playing and inciting that Vybz Kartel is the “badest artiste” alive. The DJ ultimately makes a complaint to the don in charge, who puts out a hit on the initial troublemakers. A few other characters also meet their demise for going against the GAZA rules and laws. Guns(props) are displayed plenty throughout the clip, so much so that they may become an eyesore for the untrained eye.

The music video bears a resemblance to that of a previous release, “Yami Bolo.” You can check it below and tell us if you are in agreement.