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Snoop Dogg’s Wife Raises Eyebrows With Cryptic Message About Their Marriage

Snoop Dogg’s wife is sparking rumors that there may be trouble in paradise with a cryptic post on social media.

While Snoop Dogg and his wife Shante Broadus have been married for almost a quarter-century, their relationship has been through the storm when it comes to living a celebrity life and dealing with their personal hardships publicly. The rapper has been slapped with endless cheating accusations throughout his marriage and career, but no matter what, the couple always presented a united front.

On Friday, Mrs. Broadus caught the attention of fans on social media when she posted a cryptic photo on her Instagram story that seemed to may possibly be a subliminal message for someone. The text in the post read, “we all wasted the best versions of ourselves on someone who didn’t give a single f**k.” So to no surprise, fans quickly speculated that she was talking about her rapper husband, Snoop Dogg.

Many of them spoke their assumptions with a certain conviction motivated by the couple’s well-documented history. “She’s been posting these teenage breakup memes for years. She ain’t going nowhere,” a comment on a Shaderoom post about the story read. Meanwhile, others disagreed with the status of the betroths believing that they’re not really together anymore like everyone thinks. “Snoop lives alone now. They been separated,” wrote one fan. “They haven’t been together in a minute. She’s just sick of his ish!!!” another said.

Others rooted for Shante in the comments and urged her to focus on self-love and do what’s best for her. “It’s never too late to choose yourself,” one fan wrote. “I really want her to leave she’s too grown to be making post like this. Get yourself a lawyer, a split of the money and live the rest of your life happy and healthy,” another encouraged.

The speculation about their separation remains unconfirmed, but some fans have definitely been persuaded by Shante’s post. Let’s stop wasting the best versions of ourselves on the wrong people and just start being our best selves for ourselves.