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DJ Akademiks Accuses Asian Doll Of Profiting Off King Von’s Death

King Von Asian Doll

DJ Akademiks thinks Asian Doll is using King Von’s death for clout.

Asian Doll has been keeping King Von’s memory alive since he passed away last month. The rapper has not only been grieving publicly, but she recently got a portrait of the departed drill rapper tatted on her hand. While Asian Doll has been sharing photo and video memories of her and Von to validate their relationship, it is rumored that they were unstable and weren’t even still together when he was killed. In fact, DJ Akademiks claims that Asian Doll is overstating the relationship for her own gain.

Von’s manager previously accused Asian Doll of lying on the Chicago rapper’s name when she claimed she knew what his last words were. Now Akademiks says he heard Von didn’t even “f**k with her.” Asian Doll has continued to make King Von the theme of her social media pages, which the hip-hop commentator thinks is a facade. She recently previewed a new song that she says she plans to drop on her birthday that fans think sounds a lot like King Von, which they thought was strange.

On Twitter, fans commented on the snippet of the track saying, “Asian Doll done turned King Von’s death into a personality trait,” and Akademiks even referred to the rapper as “Queen Von.” In an Instagram Live video, the hip-hop commentator bashed Asian Doll for exploiting her former boyfriend’s death for publicity. “Chicks will instigate a beef and then you get clapped, and then she calls herself Queen Von,” Akademiks said. “I just don’t want that to happen to me.”

“Show up at the funeral just collecting the clout,” he added. Akademiks went on to accuse the rapper of manufacturing fake tears which he believes is all a self-serving attempt to gain public sympathy and maybe soak up some clout at the same time. He also said Asian Doll was lying about knowing what King Von’s last words were. “You in the casket punching up, ‘She lyin’! This ho lyin’!'” he said, mocking the “Pull Up” rapper. “The manager lookin’ at me like, ‘Yo, King Von ain’t even f**k with her.'”

Do you think Asian Doll is just faking grief to promote herself?