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Vybz Kartel and JB The Artiste Drops “Club Rave” Video

Vybz Kartel link up with JB The Artiste for a new track, “Club Rave.”

Music producer Jermaine Baker of JB Productions is giving himself a test run in front of the microphone and he has a terrific running mate in the form of Vybz Kartel to ensure his talent as an artiste is known worldwide. It all goes down on a brand new song and music video, “Club Rave.”

The song and video capture the essence of booging down and partying like there is no tomorrow; something the onslaught of the coronavirus has robbed dancehall lovers residing on the island of. Fewer restrictions in some areas of the diaspora should allow fans of the genre to enjoy this one in all its artistic glory, at their own risk of course. For others, the colourful music video will have to do.

The theme is “gyal ova gun,” and it’s in full effect. The bulk of the music video was shot at a night club. Sikka Rymes appears alongside JB, presumably to represent his lookalike, Vybz Kartel. The bar is buzzing with excitement and the hookah master is at work. The surplus of skimpily clad females parading around the smoke-filled club is definitely the main attraction of the event.

As for the song, it’s fun, free, and lighthearted as one would expect from a feel-good anthem. Check it out below.