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The Game’s Kids Saved Up Allowances And Buy Him A Tesla For His Birthday

The Game
The Game

The Game is celebrating his birthday with a luxurious gift from his kids.

While many children save their allowance for a new video game or expensive gadgets, The Game’s kids are on a whole other level of bank. The rapper who celebrated his 41st birthday earlier this week got an unexpected gift from his kids. His son Harlem shared a post on Instagram revealing the pricey birthday present – a new Tesla. Apparently, all the rapper’s kids saved up their allowances to cop him the new electric wheels.

“Happy bday to my dad/best friend,” The Game’s son, Harlem, wrote in the caption. “Love u and who’s tesla is that u may be wondering? oh me and my siblings saved up all the money our dad has gave us to buy him a new car. pretty sick huh?”

In the Instagram photo, The Game and his son stand pointing at each other from either side of the thoughtful gift that comes in a cherry red hue with suicide doors. The post also featured a throwback photo of the rapper holding Harlem on stage when he was a baby.

The Game thanked the kids for the exorbitant gift in the comments of the post, revealing that he was at a loss for words when he received it. “You are the best son,” he wrote. “didn’t know what to say or how you kept that a secret…. thank all of you love y’all to the end of the world n back.”

Many kids get to say they’re lucky to have the parents they do, but it looks like it’s The Game who lucked out this time.