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Lil Baby Celebrates 26th Birthday With 2 New Songs, “Errbody” & “On Me”

Lil Baby released two new songs for his birthday.

A birthday is usually an occasion for the person celebrating it to be smothered with gifts and be waxed eloquent by their family and close buds, but for Lil Baby, it’s the opportune time to gift fans with new music and accompanying music videos. The Atlanta rapper dropped off new releases titled “Errbody” and “On Me” as a thank you to fans and to commemorate his 26th birthday.

Baby announced the surprise releases on Twitter Thursday night, telling fans it’s a token of his appreciation. “Thanks For The Bday Wishes From My Fans & Supporters.. In Return I’m Dropping 2songs 2videos Tonight,” he wrote. The single “On Me” is one the rapper previously teased on Instagram. Together with Keemotion, Lil Baby directed the music video for the track, which features clips from one of Baby’s random trips. The rapper is seen living it up on a yacht, riding jet skis, and flying private.

“Errbody” is an ode to Lil Baby’s stardom, which he likens to a helicopter in the middle of the hood. “I’m flyer than everybody / Helicopter in the middle of the hood / I’m flyer than everybody,” Baby raps on the track. The visuals were shot like a movie and feature thrilling, action-packed scenes with car chases, heavy machinery, explosions, and more. The props were also uniquely tailored to suit Baby’s brand, including the rapper’s military gear and the chopper, which were branded with the rapper’s ‘4PF’ hallmark.

Lil Baby is coming off the heels of an uber-successful sophomore album, My Turn, that has gained critical acclaim way beyond just the hip-hop community. The album’s stellar performance and singles that followed landed the rapper the Artist of the Year award at the Apple Music Awards, and he recently gave a touching performance of the album track “Emotionally Scarred” at the American Music Awards. My Turn is also the first album to be certified double-Platinum this year.

In celebration of his 26th birthday, Lil Baby hosted his Ice Ball in Atlanta last night (Dec. 3).