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Yaya Mayweather Sends Message To NBA YoungBoy & New GF Using Keyshia Cole Song

Yaya Mayweather appears to be sending a message to NBA YoungBoy and his new girlfriend Jazlyn, using Keyshia Cole’s song, “Enough of No Love.”

Gone are the days when Yaya would be posted up in the arms of her true love Kentrell. That hot seat is now reserved for another young and beautiful female who goes by the name Jazlyn. As one would imagine, Iyanna Mayweather is not too happy about being put on the back burner by her ‘husband,’ NBA Youngboy, especially since she’s only months away from giving birth to their baby.

Something tells us the boxer’s daughter wouldn’t mind throwing a few hands or knives. That something is actually Yaya’s most recent upload to her IG Story. A very dolled up Yaya Mayweather dusted off a classic breakup track by Keyshia Cole and Lil Wayne titled “Enough of No Love” and sung her heart out at a specific section of the track.

“I admit that you almost had me / I admit I was almost crazy / Had me thinkin’ ’bout callin’ that b**ch at night,” she sings.

This comes after NBA Youngboy shared a video of himself and Jazlyn dancing and acting all goofy on a Triller video. Let’s not forget, he recently listed her as one of the 10 best things in his life. Based on previous videos of the two of them chilling in the studio, she seems to be one of the few persons to keep him calm and help him to regain his focus. So what does that make of Yaya, who could be facing serious jail time because of the rapper?

The way NBA YoungBoy handles his love life is not an easy one to grasp, as it is not for the faint of heart. If Yaya is just as serious about the second section of Cole’s verse as she is about the first, it could mean that she is finally accepting that her golden boy is no longer hers. Welp! To many, the signs have always been there, thus, it would be nice to see her observing them instead of continuously finding herself in a position to get hurt.