Jah Cure Responds To Foota Hype Saying He’s A Fake Rasta Who Can’t Dress

Jah Cure

Jah Cure responds to Foota Hype criticism that he can’t dress.

Foota Hype is well known for the controversy he stirs whenever he gives his opinion on a subject. His latest rant was targeted towards the Rastafarian community. He described several veterans, including Jesse Royal, as fake Rastas.

His words have not hit a good note with Jah Cure, who took to Instagram Live recently to address the accusation that he is a fake Rasta because of the way he dresses. The deejay said having experienced the things he has in life, he’s entitled to dress any way he likes. He stressed that he is not in “Rasta competition” with anyone.

“Me know the worst life its time for me now to know the best life,” he said as he sought to clear the air. Foota Hype, who is not Rastafarian, also tried to school Jesse Royal about how to be a real rasta after he appeared in a Digicel Christmas advertisement.

The artist took the comment on stride and responded on his Instagram saying, “Prizes anyone? This Christmas, shake more, share more, WIN more! Lots of prizes to be won when you shake and share with the My Digicel app! What’s one thing you would like to win or gift to someone this Christmas?”

Foota Hype also said that Rastas shouldn’t shave, which Jah Cure does. The well-known crooner said that he is a ladies man, and so his fashion choices are based on what the ladies like. He added, “Jah Cure is about fashion, love, and music.”

Foota said his comments were made because he feels that many are taking advantage of the Rastafarian faith to make a quick dollar in the Reggae industry. However, he’s also known for purposely stirring up controversy to earn his quick dollar as well.