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Teejay Drops Dark Video For His New Dancehall Banger “City Of Gods”

It is 18 years too late for Teejay to offer us his latest song to be featured in the original work for the 2002 Brazilian crime drama film City Of Gods. What’s the next best thing? Obviously, to recreate the storyline in his hometown of Montego Bay.

The 3:53 music video is possibly even less than the runtime for the movie’s official trailer, yet it captures the core elements of the film perfectly, notably, the turf war that erupts between “Knockout Ned” and José “Zé” Pequeno. Teejay assumes the role of Pequeno but performs the soundtrack for a majority of the time while the other actors bring out the other gritty aspects of the storyline. It is not until later that it is revealed that Teejay is the boss of the empire.

Following an unfortunate incident that leaves Teejay’s associate nursing gunshot wounds (scripted), the Uptop Boss has no choice but to orchestrate a hit which is carried out by a female. The 2002 movie was shot in the poorest areas of Rio de Janeiro. Director Blingblang used the same formula by shooting his music video in some of the more impoverished areas of Jamaica’s second city.

As for the musical output, ShabDon is once again the man behind another Teejay hit. You can check out the music video below to soak up Teejay’s performance.