Dancehall Veteran Terry Ganzie Lends Voice To Black Lives Matter Movement

Over the course of this year, the Black Lives Matter movement has been highlighted as African Americans continue to fight for equality. Several Jamaican artistes have lent their words and songs to the movement as they show solidarity. Conscious Dancehall artiste Terry Ganzie has joined the cause and released a single called “Black Lives Matter”.

He spoke with Loop about his inspiration behind the track. He said that the song is basically his way of hitting out against the severe injustice handed down to the poor. He added that this also extends to the systemic pressure applied to the least fortunate people especially blacks across the world as well.

“This Black Lives Matter movement was long overdue after centuries of oppression. It is time to take for the oppressors to take their feet off our necks. Free up my people,” he said. He also revealed that the song was released on the Choice rhythm project by AOC Records about two months ago.

He added that so far the song has been doing well in Europe and Africa. He believes that people can relate to the song and that it is creating an awareness of a long-standing problem which has scarred millions of black people. He expects to start shooting a video for it sometime next week.

He has been using the downtime of the pandemic to keep himself busy and said that he is working on a 13-track album which he hopes to release in 2021. Ganzie is one of the instrumental deejays of the 1990s who helped to start and sustain a wave of conscious Dancehall.

“The Outlaw” as he is commonly known has delivered multiple hits over the years like “Outlaw From The Past” and the mega-hit “Fly Away Home”.