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Beenie Man Rehash Punching Daddy1 In The Face In “Neva Eva” Lyric video

Beenie Man reminded us he punched Daddy1 in the face in his new animated lyric video, “Neva Eva.”

It’s never too late to improve on something you have already released and that’s what Beenie Man is doing. About 3 months ago the Docta released a song that seemingly shaded 6IXX member Daddy1, with whom a member of his crew had a physical altercation. Beenie reminded his rivals never to underestimate him or any other person in general because the actual ways of a man are never truly revealed until he is tested.

The release was done as an audio-only however, Beenie Man is hereby offering up something else to look at than his face plastered across the official cover art. It is a little disappointing that we are not covering an actual music video update but instead an animated lyric video remake.

It doesn’t contain much content except a rastaman, which illustrates Beenie Man, strolling around in his SUV. The animators did do some justice to the concept near the end of the video when a cartoon sketch shows an associate of Beenie Man rendering another man unconscious. That felt like a definite hit at the “Custom” deejay.

You can check out the lyric video below.