Reggae Star Jah Cure Exposed Kicking Groupies Out His House & Demanding Money Back

Jah Cure
Jah Cure

Jah Cure’s groupie tales is getting exposed in a newly leaked video.

The ‘Unconditional love’ artiste has been secretly recorded, and the contents of the recording are damaging. In a video circulating on social media early Sunday morning, the artiste can be heard ranting at a woman as he demands a reimbursement, which he discloses was to have sex with two women. It seems as though the artiste’s plan failed as the women failed to deliver. So Jah Cure threw them out of his house after threatening to beat them.

In the almost 4-minute video, Jah Cure can be heard arguing with what looks like a Caucasian woman with short-cropped hair as she packs her bags. The woman sniffles as she speaks to Jah Cure timidly. At the start of the video, Jah Cure is heard telling the woman that his cousin cannot take her to wherever she is going. She says she’ll call a cab.

“My cousin can’t tek yuh nowhere…you can’t come a Kingston and f**k a boy.”

The artiste also demands back money or sex from a second unidentified woman – “mi want back the whole a mi money enuh, if mi nuh f—k her mi want back both a mi money from both else mi mash unu up in yah,” he says.

The woman says she doesn’t know how much money it was, and Jah Cure says it is $600 and adds that if the woman doesn’t sleep with him right away, he wants back his money. The woman making the recording then says, “we’ll both pay you back.”

Jah Cure also puts on a twang accent as he accuses the woman of depriving his chances of meeting other women. “I’ve been watching you all morning with your little sneaky movement…cz you like to f–k around men and make problems. I watching you inna the front of my car and you c–k blocking me with a lot of girls, they seeing you in my car and you nuffing up like me and you deh.”

Jah Cure accuses the woman of allowing other men to disrespect him. “then you come off and say you can style me…I saw you and you notice last night I never came in here and beg yuh no p—-sy, I came in here and lie down. You acted funny, you turned off like you say…”

The woman also said Jah Cure pushed her, and she offered to show him the part on her body. He, however, says he doesn’t care and that he wanted to break her hand– “yuh dnt have to show mi nothing, f—k off, yuh lucky, bruk mi want bruk one a yuh hand, yuh tek me for pu**y. Yuh see why mi tell unu seh unu a problem, yuh know how much woman mi coulda get and enjoy mi self.”

It seems that the women were staying at the artiste’s house. He also expressed anger that the women went to the beach and left him alone. “first unu go bum—-claat beach and leff me and build up all kinda story pan mi, unu diss me enuh, a beat mi fi beat the two a unu inna the house..”

The artiste seemed upset that he paid for sex and didn’t receive it. It also seems that he was upset that the women used the air conditioner and left it on with the door open.

He asks “yuh know how much money that woulda cost me.”

He also threatened to kill the woman “kill unu memba mi tell unu that, don’t try sell mi out.”

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