Jesse Royal Claps Back At Foota Hype after his recent round of thrash talking

Jesse Royal is responding to recent criticism from Foota Hype for appearing in a Christmas ad.

Popular dancehall selector Foota Hype is once again hitting out against what he sees as going against Rastafarian teachings. His latest subject is Jesse Royal, who was recently featured in an advert for phone company giants Digicel. Jesse Royal’s response to the shade was almost not a response at all, as he used the previous teaching from ‘a wise man’ to address the situation.

The veteran selector continued to make his disgust known while on his Suhvyva Godcast Youtube channel. “Me and Rasta Dem a War Again” was the title Foota applied to the stream in which he chastized Jesse for going against the correct ways of the Rastafarian religion. He previously lashed out against others, such as Jah Cure and Protoje.

“Jesse Royal is about to become my new enemy. An mi naw hold back mi mouth,” Foota proudly stated. “Digicel have a Christmas ad wid Santa Claus. Jesse Royal, weh you a do inna da ad deh? Jesse Royal, what are you doing in that ad my friend?”

Foota Hype continued flaming Royal by highlighting the connections of Santa and Christianity and just how those go against Rastafarian.

“How yuh do dat to yuh race when yuh know seh Christianity and Christians and Santa Claus business is the destruction of the black movement?” Foota rants. “So you nuh know yuh a get fire bun fi dat Jesse Royal?”

Foota requested the reggae singer to be a part of the LIVE stream. However, that did not come to pass. The Maroon Town native has instead shared a video to his Instagram account, making it the second time addressing Foota Hype.

“A wise man once said to me, don’t take criticism from people you wouldn’t take advice from,” shared the “Modern Day Judas” singer.

Jesse Royal responded to Foota’s first Jab by asking the selector to “stop misleading the people who don’t have the ability to think in the name of entertainment.”