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DJ Khaled Previews Fire Drake Verse on Lil Wayne’s “No Ceilings 3”

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Drake and Lil Wayne got a fire new collab coming on No Ceilings 3.

Plenty of artists have taken this year to slow down and take a time out on their creativity, but a select few have done the opposite, spending more time in the studio than ever and rolling out enough new music to keep their fans entertained during quarantine. Lil Wayne is one of those artists, consistently releasing new projects since the start of the year including Funeral and Tha Carter V Deluxe.

Now, as promised, Weezy is gearing up for the delivery of his next mixtape, No Ceilings 3. DJ Khaled took advantage of his production credits on the tape this week and released a video of himself debuting a snippet of a new track featuring Drake.

“They always try to put a ceiling on our greatness,” Khaled said in his intro. “So we took the f**kin’ ceiling off!” Drizzy’s very recognizable voice picked up from there, rapping, “The blues is now kicking in, dinner is three Michelin/I don’t eat red meat, but still got beef sizzlin’”.

Much to the fans’ disappointment, DJ Khaled cut the snippet off at that point, but picked the track back up later when Drake can be heard rhyming, “I need discipline/I keep singing for these hoes, they keep listenin’/n***as like to bro up with the boy and dap fisteses/But we are not equivalent.”

While Drake got started in the industry as a Young Money protégé, it has been a minute since we have seen these two heavy hitters come together for a collaboration. No Ceilings 3 is set to drop on November 27th, and unlike Drizzy, Lil Wayne tends to deliver on his promises recently when it comes to new projects. Meanwhile, Drake fans have been put on hold once again as his forthcoming album’s release date was moved from the Summer of 2020 to January of 2021.