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J. Prince Addresses Previous NBA Youngboy Comments

Music executive and OG figure in hip hop, J. Prince, went out of his way to diss NBA Youngboy earlier this year, calling him “dumber than a box of rocks”. The dispute transpired after NBA’s house was broken into and his car keys stolen, and J. Prince reached out to let Youngboy know that he had acquired much of his belongings back from the thieves. However, NBA took the offer to return his property as an insult and told Prince to “mind [his] fu*kin’ business.”

Prince responded to the comment, saying, “I see you took my kindness for weakness. ‘Cause you a dumb boy with limited thinking ability.”

During a new interview with Ebro Darden, J. Prince elaborated on what went down between the two men, explaining that he and NBA have made their peace.

“The lil homie reached out to me and we had a conversation,” he said. “It was a disconnect, come to find out. I had spoke to his brother and I had an understanding and he told me he didn’t have the same understanding with his brother. We agreed to disagree.”

Prince went on to make it clear that he and NBA are on decent terms but not necessarily close, saying, “I think I said it best when I made a statement: I don’t wanna be his friend or his enemy, so it’s all good with me as of today.”

When asked why he felt that it was necessary to diss NBA publicly, Prince replied, “I want them to learn and I want them to know. Publicly on the social media thing, there’s a new method of communicating with the young—and it’s important to communicate with the young, not only for myself but for others.”

J. Prince is definitely older and wiser than NBA Youngboy, so it’s good to hear that NBA calmed down and took the time to make things right between the two of them.