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Kodak Black Gets A New Prison Release Date But Still Nowhere Close To Freedom

Kodak Black case

Kodak Black has a new release date from prison but still has a long way to go before his sentence ends.

Kodak Black is facing yet another setback while behind bars. The Florida rapper’s already lengthy prison sentence has been extended a few extra months, according to a recent post from DJ Akademiks. Fans and loved ones were looking forward to Kodak’s release in August of 2022, but now it looks like that date has been changed to November 3rd, 2022, instead. It is not clear why his release date has been adjusted, but this is only the most recent development in a series of difficulties since Black’s incarceration.

Kodak was originally arrested back in May of 2019 in between performances at the Rolling Loud festival in Miami, FL. He was charged with falsifying documents in order to obtain multiple firearms. He went on to be sentenced with a staggering 46 months behind bars, a punishment many fans did not feel met the crime.

At the time of his arrest, Black was at the top of his game in the music industry, and many have pointed out that this incredibly long-term loss of freedom may take a serious toll on his ability to maintain his career once he is released.

In addition to the burden of a long prison sentence, Kodak and his legal team have claimed that he has been the victim of abuse and torture while incarcerated. The rapper was moved from a prison in Kentucky to a penitentiary in Illinois after reporting that he was being very poorly treated by correctional officers.

Since his move, Black’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, has stated that Kodak is now in a better situation and interacting with guards who follow the law. Despite the restrictions of his incarceration, Kodak is still finding ways to give back to his community, reportedly donating one thousand turkeys to families in Pompano Beach earlier this month.