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#RIPDrake Hashtag Trends On Twitter Left Fans Shoot Despite Drake Being Alive


Drake is not dead despite a nasty #RIPDrake hashtag trending on Twitter

Fans can breathe a sigh of relief as contrary to multiple claims on social media site Twitter, Drake is alive and well. Yesterday November 14, a fake hashtag, #RIPDrake became the number one trending Tweet in the U.S. crossing 20 000 retweets. Many shocked users began to spread erroneous information. This is not the first time that a fake celebrity death has dominated social media sites, like when it was claimed that Chuck Norris had passed away.

It got so out of control that Twitter had to add a disclaimer stating that Drake was alive. They took action by pinning a message at the top of the #RIPDrake trend, which stated: “No, Drake is not dead. The rumors arose after users began to share photoshopped images of articles saying the rapper had died”:

Some people also falsely believed that TMZ reported that Drake was involved in a drive-by shooting and died at the age of 34. Some of the tweets had screenshots of reports supposedly taken from TMZ and another entertainment site, Genius. The fake TMZ headline read “Drake dead at 34 after a drive-by shooting” and the Genius one read: “Drake’s Family Releases Info Saying Drake Passed Away.”

Fans reacted with relief and a little bit of annoyance when they found out that the news wasn’t true.

“seen #RIPDrake and my whole mood changed dont play like that.”


“Y’all don’t play like that, y’all had me scared for second Loudly crying face#RIPDrake.”

“#RIPDrake This aint funny i thought this was real for sec.”

This is what the TMZ headline looked like.


Fans are grateful that the news isn’t true. Drake hasn’t responded to the hoax as yet.