Dancehall Newcomer Briani Talks ‘Platinum’ Collab With Christopher Martin, Preps New EP

There’s a new face in town and she’s already making waves with her style and sensual voice. Brittny Newman, whose stage name is Briani, is the newest artiste to work along with powerhouse manager Romeich Entertainment, who also manages dancehall superstar Shenseea.

A three-minute song “Platinum” dropped a week ago is the breakout single for Briani, which also features the father of her son, Christopher Martin. The song is a sexy slow grind produced by Grammy-award winning producer Marlon Easy. It has been getting good reviews from Chris Martin’s large fan base, including Kenya in Africa and streaming forward on local radio and YouTube.

In the song, a smartly dressed Martin speaks about his woman’s beauty and sexy body “girl you a Platinum…give you all my savings, girl you clean and your body blessed…”

It’s no lie, Briani is indeed an eyeful in her Platinum colored shirt dress and sexy heels as she professes, “I want you all for myself, nah no mileage like you got me from the dealer.”

So who is this mystery lady? Newman first sent tongues wagging after news of her pregnancy hit the airwaves in 2017. Since, she has been balancing being a mother and working on her music career.

In an exclusive interview, Briani tells Urban Islandz about her musical journey – “I’ve always been someone who was overall interested in the arts.” Her flare for singing started with her interest in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) competitions as a young girl.

She says, “music is forever where my heart is. It is my passion and I am hoping that I can impact someone positively with my music and my love and work for it.”

Briani says the concept behind “Platinum” came from her discussions with Martin. “Chris and I wanted to come up with a song that everybody could relate to. We’ve all been in love at one point in love so why not a love song. The song makes reference to a strong bond between two people, hence the emphasis on Platinum- what greater or stronger material to emphasize that type of bond.”

As to her collaborating with the father of her handsome son Aiden, Briani says, “the experience has definitely a learning experience. He’s been in the music industry as an international artiste for quite some time. I’ve gathered so much and learned so much from operating and just being around him and learning about the industry.”

While her sexy bikini clad body may fool many, Briani says while being a full-time mom, she also has a 9-5 job in architecture, something her mother has always imposed on her – having her education as a back-up plan. “What this experience has taught me is how important balancing my time is. Time management has been moved to the forefront of my life which is something I wasn’t good at. However, I am big on family time so I have had to learn to balance everything so that doesn’t suffer.”

At present, she is working on launching her EP, which is being managed by Romeich Entertainment. Her main focus, she says, is putting her face and work out here “I’m currently in Atlanta and working on networking.”

She said she isn’t signed to Romeich Entertainment as yet, even though his company is assisting with her projects. The EP, she teased, will feature some of the biggest names in Dancehall music.

Briani says she is inspired by artistes like Erykah Badu, Rihanna, Bob Marley, and Alicia Keys- all of whom have influenced her musical style while growing up.