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New Video Shows King Von & Quando Rondo Had A Fist Fight Before Gunfire Erupts

King Von and Quando Rondo seemingly had a fist fight before gunfire erupted, according to a newly surfaced video.

There have been many conflicting reports following the shooting death of King Von on November 6. Many fans believe that Quando Rondo has something to do with the 26-year-old’s shooting and now new video footage at least confirms that the two more than likely had a fight before shots were fired. Rumors kept pouring in as fans try to figure out what happened to cause the rapper’s death.

In the first piece of hard evidence that could provide a clue as to what happened that fateful morning, a scuffle can clearly be seen between two men, one is Von but the other’s face is not as clear. The security footage shows all the events in the car park leading up to when shots were fired. Von’s manager said that he rushed toward a member of the opposing team’s crew almost immediately after finding out that they were also in the parking lot outside the Atlanta hookah lounge. Things only escalated further after that point.

The video, which was shared by DJ Akademiks, shows the altercation prior to the shooting and the ensuing violence. In one part of the video, King Von approaches a man, who many think is Quando Rondo and, without a word, punches him in the face. Things get chaotic after that moment

It takes less than 10 seconds before the fistfight becomes a shootout. The surveillance video is about 30 seconds long. According to Van’s manager, “Those shots that was fired from the individuals that shot Von and myself was the only shots fired from those individuals. Every other shot was coming from authorities. They started shooting everywhere. So, when you see everybody taking cover, they wasn’t taking cover away from the shooter from Von. They was takin’ cover because they didn’t know where the shots was going from.”

Since the tragic loss, Asian Doll has deactivated her social media accounts. Before that, she seemed to blame Von’s crew for not doing more to protect him. According to Asian Doll, she spoke with a spiritual advisor, who confirmed her suspicions.

That claim has been flatly denied by Track who said, “Oh, I talked to Von on a spiritual level with a spirit reader and he’s letting s#$t be known. He’s talking fasho and… he feel y’all shouldn’t have let ’em get him. Facts.’ So, you talkin’ to the dead now, Asian Doll? So, Von, in the afterlife, is telling Asian Doll these facts, guys.”