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King Von’s Manager Refutes Asian Doll’s Claims On Rapper’s Last Words, Asian Responded

King Von Asian Doll

King Von’s manager is refuting Asian Doll’s claims about his last word and she is pushing back.

Over the weekend, fans, friends, and loved ones of rapper King Von heard the terrible news of his passing after a shootout that occurred outside an Atlanta nightclub. Since the incident, surveillance footage of the violent event has been circulating the internet along with rumors about what exactly occurred.

Asian Doll, who has been romantically connected with Von, took to social media to mourn Von’s death and post pictures of the two of them together during happier times. Now it seems she has also contributed to some confusion surrounding the last moments of Von’s life when she took to social media to share his alleged last words.

“Von last words was ‘y’all let them n****s get up on me….stop crying y’all let them get me,’” Asian Doll claimed in her post.

She went on to criticize the people in Von’s inner circle, insinuating that they left him unprotected. King Von’s manager, Jameson Francois, was present at the time of the shooting and was even shot himself. He has now chimed in on social media, seemingly in response to Doll’s accusations, saying, “Let one more person from the outside that’s close to Von keep on with all this goofy sh*t I promise I’m a expose all that goofy sh*t, cause I was there n got shot behind this y’all stop blaming people y’all don’t even know what happen or who was involved.” Francois ended his post saying, “That goes for x girlfriend family or who ever.”

Although Francois has also claimed that Asian Doll’s only proof of what went down is through her conversations with King Von in the afterlife via a spiritual adviser, Doll has now responded to the CEO by pointing to the surveillance footage as all the proof anyone should need. “We saw it. Everybody saw it,” she said. “The whole world said something about y’all. Not just me.” Whatever happened, let’s hope Von’s family gets the space and respect they deserve right now during this difficult time.