Drake Explains Why Fans Will Not Like “Certified Lover Boy” Album

Drake think that fans will not like his new album, Certified Lover Boy, but he’s dropping it anyway.

As many rappers have repeatedly acknowledged in their lyrics over the years, having haters is usually a sign of success. It’s easy to find people with plenty of negative opinions about Drake, but that’s probably because the man simply won’t stop making hits. Drake himself acknowledged this fact, which becomes a normal part of his everyday existence when he responded to a fan during an Instagram Live session over the weekend.

Drizzy was watching his father, Aubrey Graham’s, IG Live, when he took notice of a user in the comment section who wrote, “Views be hittin different,” referring to the Canadian rapper’s 2016 album.

Drake replied to the comment, saying, “They hated on Views just like they will [Certified Lover Boy] but it’s music to evolve to,” adding a white heart emoji. Needless to say, the fan was very excited to have received a response and quickly reposted the interaction on social media, writing, “Drake actually responded to me, f*ckin respect to da almighty [goat].” The fan also added, “He gave me some closure on how certified lover boy gon sound.”

It was not only very cool of Drake to take the time to respond to a fan, but it’s nice to see an artist who is so self-aware and easily brushes off the criticism. Drizzy showed this same kind of awareness with a bit of self-deprecating humor when he contributed to the editor’s notes on Apple Music for his 2018 album Scorpion, writing, “I hate when Drake raps. Drake sings too much. Drake is a pop artist. Drake doesn’t even write his own songs. Drake took an L. Drake didn’t start from the bottom. Drake is finished. I like Drake’s older stuff…”

After following the criticisms up with a few more common rebuttals to his superstardom, the notes end by saying, “Drake, yeah yeah we know.”

Look out for Certified Lover Boy to drop sometime in January 2021.