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50 Cent Shares Photo Of Donald Trump As An Inmate

50 Cent continues to troll Donald Trump on the Gram.

It wasn’t long ago that 50 Cent was asking his millions of followers to vote for Trump so he could avoid paying higher taxes, but now it seems he has returned to his regular trolling ways and is instead making fun of the current president for losing the election. On Friday, Fif took to Instagram to share a photoshopped image of Trump looking like a prison inmate with a bald head and orange jumpsuit.

“If the election keeps going in this direction, Trump is gonna need @isaacwrightjr to fight his case. LOL,” he captioned the post.

The previous day, 50 Cent took another shot at the president when he posted a cartoon of the Statue of Liberty flinging Trump into the horizon with a face mask used as a slingshot. Clearly, Fifty isn’t very fond of Trump as a person or a president, and his momentary endorsement was purely motivated by his own greed.
The rapper and mogul faced a great deal of backlash from fans and others in the entertainment industry when he suggested that he didn’t care that Trump “doesn’t like black people” but was more concerned about his tax rate. Fif’s ex-girlfriend, comedian Chelsea Handler, called the former G-Unit frontman out directly for his post and asked him to revoke his endorsement immediately.

It didn’t take long for 50 Cent to respond, quickly going back on his request for Trump votes.

The lawyer Fifty recommended to Trump in his most recent post is the inspiration behind Fif’s new TV show, For Life. The show chronicles the journey of Isaac Wright Jr., a man who is sentenced to life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and eventually becomes a lawyer to prove his own innocence and fight for the freedom of others. As usual, Fifty never misses an opportunity to self-promote.