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50 Cent Reacts To Trump Election Meltdown, “He Going To Jail”

50 Cent says Donald Trump is heading to jail and that’s why he wants to stop counting votes.

In the continuing saga of 50 Cent’s odd relationship with politics, he has now taken to Twitter to suggest that we may soon see our 45th president behind bars. Commenting on the unprecedented circumstances surrounding the ongoing presidential election, Fifty wrote, “man they gonna do Trump dirty, he going to jail.
You ever herd a president say stop counting the f**king votes. LOL SMH”. It’s hard to say if Fif is sympathizing with Trump or making fun of him at this point, but knowing the rapper and mogul’s complicated personality, he may be doing a little bit of both.

Fifty received a lot of heat last month after taking to social media to seemingly endorse President Trump for reelection.

Showing an inaccurate screenshot of Biden’s supposed tax plan, 50 Cent told his followers to go vote for Trump because he didn’t want to pay a higher tax rate aimed at the super rich. Adding that he didn’t care that Trump “doesn’t like black people,” Fifty caught a ton of backlash from people who felt that his endorsement was selfish and irresponsible. After pressure from his ex-girlfriend, comedian Chelsea Handler, he later took back his endorsement and has since put out a series of tweets making fun of Trump in the last days of his campaign.

Two days ago, 50 Cent shared a screenshot of an article discussing the possibility of Trump having to face a criminal trial after losing the election, captioning the post, “if he don’t win, he going in. LOL”.

Now, as the election slowly draws to a suspenseful conclusion and Trump and his supporters are calling for ballots to be thrown out, it does seem as if the Trump campaign is acting overtly paranoid in the face of defeat. Only time will tell if Fifty predicted Trump’s future correctly.