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50 Cent Takes Swipe At Lil Wayne’s Ex-Girlfriend Denise Bidot

50 Cent
50 Cent

50 Cent shared his reaction to Lil Wayne seemingly getting dumped by Denise Bidot over politics.

American rapper Lil Wayne’s public endorsement of presidential hopeful Donald Trump has seemingly left him partnerless after he and the curvacious Denise Bidot called it quits. The two had been drooling over each other for the past couple of months since they have been together, using Social Media as a mirror to reflect their love for each other. It was clear that Bidot had no issues settling into the spot once filled by the Australian model La’Tecia Thomas, who almost became Wayne’s wife.

Now that things have gone sour between Bidot and Lil Wayne, it may not be too long until one of the hottest rappers in the world finds another to occupy his time. At least that is the way public commentator/rapper 50 Cent made it seem while speaking on an early story ran by TMZ, which stated that the model was the one who called off the relationship due to Wayne publicly endorsing Trump. A cryptic tweet from Wayne, along with Bidot’s own account, confirmed that that previous headline to be false and that it was the New Orleans rapper who pulled the plug.

Before the murky relationship slurry settled and became clear, 50 Cent already felt that there is no way Wayne was “dumped.”

“You can’t dump little wayne. Now you can leave, if you going than go but somebody’s waiting for the job. LOL,” 50 joked.

It’s nice to see 50 Cent back on Lil Wayne’s side following his disapproval of his colleague’s unwavering support for the Republican Doland Trump over the Democrat’s Joe Biden. 50 Cent was also said to be a ‘Trump-ist’ after he openly criticized Bidden’s proposed tax plans.

It is still being determined who will win the next US general election.