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Skillibeng Delivers “Hot” New Track Amid Baby Mama Drama

Skillibeng dropped another “Hot” single while ignores some baby mama drama floating around the net.

Ever since he released his Brik Pan Brik EP a few months ago, Skillibeng has been unleashing singles like they’re going out of style. The dancehall star dropped off his latest banger called “Hot” on Monday (Nov. 2), along with a video game type of animated visual. The track, which was produced by Tevino “YGF” Richards & Derron “HMP” Herah, is a head-bopping presentation of Skillibeng’s lyrical prowess that follows suit with his latest string of singles.

“Mi name hotter than how mi spliff hot (So hot) / If dem nuh talk bout Skilli dem mad (Cuh deh) / Mi jus a laugh watch di p***y dem chat (Cuh deh) / Bell a go off when mi name a mention / Mi use dem negative energy and mek quantum traveling machine go neda dimension / A bear big long gun Skilli fire / When man a roll clip well ram up, one ting di head hot,” he deejays.

Skillibeng talks about his progress in the dancehall arena amid bursting on the scene just a year ago in the verses, while the hook is dedicated to the heat surrounding the deejay right now. By chanting the word “hot” only a few times, the St. Thomas deejay composed a simple chorus that uses space and tantalizing instruments to separate his usual parade of witty lyrics and multi-syllabic rhymes. The seemingly mundane hook, however, is a well-placed plateau before a mountain of lyrical pleasure.

Based on the lyrics, “Hot” appears to be three-fold, as in addition to it being an ode to Skilli’s stardom and enviable position in the industry right now, the deejay also notes his “hot spliff” as well as “she seh it hot.” The lyricist includes a financial tip for existing generations about capitalizing on this stage of the digital era as well. “Yuh waah mek money mek vlog,” he deejays in the verse. There is also what seems to be a nod to late Billboard chart-topping rapper, Pop Smoke in the second verse. “Mi pop smoke so mi name Pop,” rhymes Skillibeng.

“Hot” is a product of YGF Records, EastSyde Records, and Herah Music Production. Listen to the new track by Skillibeng.

Last week, Skillibeng seemingly revealed that he is not the father of a child given to him by a female he used to date. The female in question has since released a video explaining the situation saying the the St. Thomas native knew about the “jacket” situation and was okay with it. Nevertheless, she claims she is unhappy about how he chose to handle the matter via social media rather than in private.