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Verse Simmonds & Jada Kingdom Gets Hot And Heavy In “Bedroom Bully” Video

Verse Simmonds and Jada Kingdom gets hot and heavy in “Bedroom Bully” video.

Verse Simmonds and Jada Kingdom released their provocative music video for “Bedroom Bully” mere hours ago, and the steamy content is already setting off fire alarms everywhere. Jada’s Kmab clan descended in droves to witness the chemistry between their queen and her beau on camera. They were not left disappointed as Twinkle’s vision of having ‘sex’ in spontaneous places came to life on camera.

While the song is indeed titled “Bedroom Bully,” quite a bit of the footage was captured outside under the dim light of a raging bonfire. How about the truly stimulating scenes of the two lovers solidifying their chemical bonds as their bodies rock and sway to the waterbed they occupied?

The visuals bring about a sense of depth, spirituality, and realism, elements not easily captured when a random model works with an entertainer. Things get even more interesting when one thinks about what inspired the song. “The song was actually created after the 1st time Jada and I were intimate,” said Simmons a month ago.

During the song’s launch in September Simmons explained how the concept was conceived. He said, “Jada came up with the initial idea of shooting us having sex in various places like the back of a big dump truck! Then I said well why not put a bed in the middle of the water and we just expanded on the idea from there… we didn’t want to do just a regular bedroom scene. That’s too boring!”

The song will be featured on the Grammy-nominated songwriter’s upcoming album, Rude Boy.