Dancehall Star Laden Faces Judge On Monday For Gun Case, Remains Behind Bars


Laden will finally get to face a judge on Monday.

Still, there’s no word on when the dancehall deejay will be released from jail following his arrest on Thursday, October 29. Laden, real name Okeefe Aarons, remains behind bars at a St Elizabeth police station following his arrest for illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.

SSP Stephanie Lindsay, the head of the Corporate Communications Unit, who spoke with the Jamaica Observer, previously stated that there is no confirmation of when he will appear before a court to answer the charges. However, Urban Islandz has now learned that Laden and his two co-accused are scheduled to appear before a judge on Monday (November 2).

She also revealed that 21-year-old Saaion Ebanks and a 16-year-old boy were also charged with illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

Urban Islandz reported on Thursday, October 29, that Laden, along with two men, were arrest. According to Lindsay, he was charged along with the other two occupants of a black Mercedez Benz after they were ordered to stop the vehicle in Cheapside, St Elizabeth but defied the order and took off. Laden is believed to have been the driver of the car.

During the police chase, they allegedly noticed that a bag was tossed out of the vehicle through a sunroof. When police eventually caught up with the car, they took the suspects back to the site where the bag was thrown. Following a search of the area, they said they found a Hi-point 9mm pistol.

There has also been no word from any legal team representing the men as to what the next step will be.