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Bounty Killer’s Ex-Girlfriend Reveals He Did Not Hit Her With Hammer

Bounty Killer

Bounty Killer’s alleged ex-girlfriend is speaking out for the first time and she’s saying Killer did not drop the hammer on her.

Ten years ago, Bounty Killer felt the full lashing of the tongue from citizens of Jamaica after he was accused of inflicting bodily harm on his 19-year-old girlfriend using a hammer and an electric fly/mosquito swatter. Bounty Killer denied the use of the household devices, and in 2011 the case was dropped after the complainant, and her lawyer failed to show up to court. The alleged victim Racquel Smith is now coming forward once more but this time to confirm that she did not get hit with a hammer, even though Deputy Superintendent Altermoth Campbell relayed the following in 2010.

“She turned up here sometime after six and said that he used a hammer to beat her up,” said the cop. In her official report to the Constant Spring Police Station, she mentioned that the entertainer said, “like how you bleeding a better mi jus kill you an done because dat is a sign seh you should die.”

The incident led to Bounty Killer experiencing some severe backlash, including his US Visa being revoked and him being blackballed from performing at certain events. “Even my kids get mockery at school, and that’s not a good impact on them,” he said. In 2017, he tried to shake the negative stigma of the allegations when he opted to perform at a Women’s Day concert. Sadly, the apologetic performance was met with some resistance from many top female leaders in the county.

“What I am attempting to do here is to show that I (have) changed, grown and matured into a better me and I do regret my alleged involvement or whatever which I’m still paying for, up until this day as u all can see, but I condemn domestic violence – It’s wrong, It’s totally unacceptable,” Bounty said on Instagram at the time.

Racquel Smith was chatting it up on Lava Sound’s Chat & Laugh Show a few days ago when the host asked about the incident. “So Killer ever beat you with the hammer yet?” Dj Lava questioned. In her bid to properly answer the question thrown at her she flicked on a few more lights to show her caramel skin. “You bright no Bloodc***t,” she exclaimed. “Killa woulda affi dream that – Killa never do that yet.”

She did confirm that there were squabbles between herself and Bounty Killer, something the entertain also acknowledged. “No but we war Lava cause Killa used to lie when me and him war. Cause Killa used to tell me say him gyal dem de right de so and me go fi him and when me go fi him we a war but him never hammer me yet,” she mentioned.

In January of this year, Bounty shared how he now approaches disagreements with the women in his life to ensure no physical harm happens. “Me start look pan my woman like my mother or my daughter because me would never lift my hand fi hit Miss Ivy (his late mom) all when she say the most hurtful things, and me never hit one a my daughters yet. So when my woman a chat, me just say ‘Arite Miss Ivy, gwaan talk’, and me just walk away.”

A 2019 United Nations report said Jamaica held the second position for the county with the highest rates of femicides in the world.