Bounty Killer Charged With Assaulting Another Female With Hammer

Dancehall Kingpin Bounty Killer who’s also known as Rodney Pryce is again in the spotlight this week as the deejay finds himself in more legal troubles.

It is alleged that Killer was charged with assaulting a female whose name was not release by police. However, according police reports, the woman turned up at the Constant Spring police station badly bruised and bleeding, near the artist’s residence.

“She turned up here sometime after six and said that he used a hammer to beat her up,” said Deputy Superintendent, Altermoth Campbell.

Sources on the streets told Urban Islandz that the woman in question looked really shaken up. She allegedly accused Warlord of beating her with an hammer.

Earlier this year Bounty Killer was charged with assaulting his girlfriend after he called her and threatened her in front of the cops. Those charges were subsequently dropped. But Killer found himself back in the news this summer after Jamaican tax authority seized two of his high end vehicles for non payment of taxes.

Killer will appear in court today to face a judge.

Seriously Killer whats happening?… your thoughts below