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Ding Dong Partnered With Grace To Give Tablets To Students In Nannyville

Ding Dong is working hard to ensure kids in his community is equipped to receive an education in a pandemic era.

Ding Dong’s heart of gold continues to shine despite the dark year the entertainment industry has faced. The man who is known for putting his heart and soul into the community of Nannyville, Kingston, continued his philanthropic efforts a few days ago when he provided electronic tablets to students in the area.

The initiative was in conjunction with Grace Foods, who in 2018 listed the dancer/singer as their brand ambassador. Ding Dong took to Instagram to share a few images of the kids who were blessed with the expensive tools required to receive an education.

“Just a few pics with some of the handoffs of tablets to some of the kids in my community “NANNY VILLE,” Ding said, before shouting out the Jamaican brand for doubling his efforts. “I made a purchase of tablets for the kids because of the homeschooling situation “COVID-19” and reached out to my company my brand @gracefoods and they immediately doubled my purchase. big respect and thank you the kids really appreciate it.” Ding Dong commented before he saluted television host Simone Clark-Cooper.

In March 2020, the government called for a closure of all places of gathering, including schools, in order to limit the spread of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Sadly, this also resulted in a loss of income for many Jamaican, which in turn affected the lives of many of the nation’s youngsters.

The gifting of tablets is not the first time that the “Cha Cha Boy” deejay has offered aid to his community this year. In May, Ding Dong and Spice, who both operate as ambassadors for Magnum Tonic Wine, helped to spearhead an outreach program that provided over 500 care packages to persons who were experiencing economic hardship as a result of the country being on lockdown.

“Giving back is something that we all have to do, a my place this, from you say Ding Dong you say Nannyville. It’s a real joy to be able to do this,” said Ding Dong in May.

The artiste’s latest actions have already begun to inspire other entertainers to follow in his footsteps. Razor B hinted at doing something in his neck of the woods. “Bredda greatest run inna yuh blood…years you been doing amazing things continue your blessings and more blessings with follow. Big up yuh damn self bro. yuh inspire me to want to do the same in my community,” said the “Hot Up” singer.