Dancehall Icon Chaka Demus Disagrees With Buju Banton’s Stance On Mask, Say He’s Not Totally Wrong

Chaka Demus agrees with Buju Banton that there is a greater plot at play here with the COVID-19 pandemic.

After taking to social media to denounce the wearing of masks and make his stance on the conspiracy theories behind the pandemic quite clear, Buju Banton has been facing a lot of scrutinies. While some are already questioning whether the international reggae star is of sound mind, others are heeding his warning to look deeper. Dancehall veteran Chaka Demus of the “Murder She Wrote” hitmaking duo Chaka Demus and Pliers is one such individual who has come to believe that officials are not being completely forthcoming about the virus.

In an interview with The STAR, Chaka Demus said while he doesn’t agree with Buju Banton that we should abandon the official protocol altogether and stop wearing masks in public, he does agree that there is a larger conspiracy brewing here. “I know the virus is a serious thing and only the fittest of the fittest a go survive, so unu better wear unu masks and build up unu immune system. I could never see so much people a dead from this thing yah, so many of my friends ketch it and say don’t wear masks, he said. “But weh me really wah, like Buju say, is for people to open dem eyes and see say a these same people a do it.”

“This is a man-made thing innu,” Chaka Demus continued. “The people dem weh a lead the world, dem a cause nuff things weh yuh see a happen in a the world right now and mi want the people dem open dem eyes. They are not telling the truth about this thing and so a we affi use our common sense and read through the lines.” Buju Banton faced a ton of backlash when he announced that he would no longer be wearing a mask, calling the new practice a “bullsh*t” ploy and urged others to join the boycott. While the videos he posted have since been removed, they are still rotating online thanks to fans capturing their own copy of the controversial clips before they were removed.

Buju Banton

According to Chaka Demus, the virus or “plandemic,” as Buju likes to call it, is a manmade disease, and therefore he is certain that a vaccine already exists. “But dem want people in a di world get scared and so when it [the vaccine] do come out, because people see say this thing serious, dem a go run go get the vaccine and dem get richer,” the dancehall veteran told the publication, “I think this thing is fi make dem and dem big friends rich and put people under more poverty because look at this. When dem restrict yuh from do certain things, yuh can’t get fi achieve. Look how much people lose dem job? Dat means say more people a go get poor while dem a get rich.”

Unlike Buju, Chaka Demus is encouraging everyone to wear masks in order to mitigate the spread of the virus on account of the fact that not “everybody immune system strong enough fi overcome it.” He is very much aware of the fact that regardless of its origination, the coronavirus is a very real, and has proven to be a very fatal disease. “But at the same time, me want people fi just wise up. If unu can search out things fi unu self, do dat because mi nuh think we hear the whole truth about this thing,” he added.

Buju Banton and Chaka Demus aren’t the first nor will they be the last celebrities to voice their opinion on the conspiracies of the global pandemic. With the vast amount of information at our fingertips, does educating ourselves become something of our own personal responsibility?