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DaniLeigh Speak On Rumors She’s Dating Lil Durk

DaniLeigh is not getting sucked into any Lil Durk dating rumors.

DaniLeigh is young and attractive — so naturally, fans are wondering who she is seeing. The “Dominican Mami” singer had a high profile romance earlier this year with DaBaby, who fans figured out she was dating after they appeared to be quarantined in the same hotel. A few weeks later, the pair were spotted out and about, hand-in-hand, in LA. The relationship did not last, however, with DaniLeigh receiving accusations of being a homewrecker when it was discovered that the “Rockstar” rapper was expecting a baby with a woman named MeMe. DaniLeigh had said in a comment on a post by The Shade Room that DaBaby appeared 100% single to her when they started their affair.

“The world has more hate and would rather me be a woman that started something with someone that was “already in a relationship” so Idc at all lol,” she wrote on IG in response to those who claimed that she was aware that the Charlotte artist was with MeMe.

In light of that, DaniLeigh has quickly shut down rumors that something is going on between her and Lil Durk after she posted a video of herself teaching him some dance moves. Especially as the “3 Headed Goat” rapper is dating India. “Y’all do me a favor and chill tf out !!” she wrote to those speculating. “Ain’t no boundaries crossed / or anything like that at all happened, he mad respectful and shows off his relationship every sec he has so stop with the bs tryna start s***.”

On to the next rumor!