Love & Hip Hop ATL: Spice Estranged Baby Daddy Apologize For Distasteful Statement

Spice estranged baby daddy has issued an apology to their kids for his distasteful remarks towards her.

The return of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Spice to Jamaica has definitely ruffled a few feathers, including those of her kid’s father, Nicholas Lall. Spice, who is never one to hold back from saying/writing what’s on her mind, recently came at Lall with claims of him not supporting his kids, in other words, being a deadbeat. She used various incidents such as payment of the hefty school fee for their daughter along with a massive haul of school supplies, both of which she paid for by herself, as examples of him not stepping up for their two kids. The criticisms were handed to Lall via social media, with the various scenes being uploaded to the entertainer’s official Instagram page.

The senior Lall burst into flames after discovered that he was once again the topic of discussion for the mother of his kids. In what may be classified as a blinded act of rage, Lall, dragged Spice’s name, often time’s replacing it with “witch,” “b**ch,” and “germs” in his fiery reply on Instagram. His lengthy caption addressing the matter also spoke of the trauma he received at the hands of Spice over the last decade, and as such, he has threatened to sue the dancehall deejay if she continues to defame his character in public.

However, Lall has since removed the post following various calls from his followers to reconsider how he vents about the situation since she is still the mother of his kids. Along with the removal of the original post came an apology to his kids by the way of a quote from Mahatma Gandhi. “You can’t change how people treat you or what they say about you. All you can change is how you react to it,” read the words from the man credited with inspiring India’s freedom from British rule through non-violent acts.

“First I want to apologise to all my children I have disappoint you all I’m sorry for my behavior on social media I’m sorry,” expressed Spice’s ex-fiance’ in his heartfelt apology to his kids, Nicholas Jr. and Nicholatoy. “I don’t want of you to ever experience what I am going through it’s hard to have the world bashing you and continue to bash you and you roll over and play dead I’m not sorry for what I said I’m sorry that you guys have to go through this by seeing what I post I’m sorry I love you all with all my [heart].”

It seems Spice is also planning to wash her hands of the matter and refrain from mentioning his name in the public domain. “Someone just told me that no one who you use to feed and carry on your back for 10 years should not be a problem to me to this date,” she explained in a post to her Instagram Story while stating how she plans to proceed going forward, “so after today I rest my case.”

Still, there is an eerie feeling that this is not the last of the Spice vs Nicholas showdown, especially since there is at least another decade until both kids become adults.