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Jhené Aiko Forces Big Sean To Eat The Food He Hated The Most, Seafood

Big Sean is professing his love for Jhené Aiko in tandem with his loathing for seafood.

It looks like Jhené Aiko has Big Sean out here trying new things. The singer and rapper have been inseparable since they reunited, and today Sean gave fans a glimpse into their divine connection with a short video clip from their dinner date. Apparently, Big Sean is not fond of seafood, but he was willing to try it for his girl. The rapper took to his Instagram story to share a clip of him trying sushi for the second time thanks to Jhené’s encouragement. He also wrote a small anecdote detailing his long, troubled history with raw fish.

“I can’t eat seafood, I hate it. The smell, texture, taste, I just can’t do it,” Big Sean typed. “Nothing against people who eat it, just not for me. My Dad said ‘one day you’ll find a girl that your into so much that you’ll eat RAW fish.’ I told him f**k no, never! N here we are today. This the 2nd time she did this in my life.”

In the video, Jhené can be heard begging Sean to “please please please” try the fish and then urging him to swallow it. In the end, the rapper’s only sentiment was “Ulchh” before he took a sip of his juice and confirmed once again that he is not a fan.

Jhené Aiko and Big Sean first met in 2012, and they forged a meaningful friendship that outlasted all of their relationships in between. After breaking up, making up, and even releasing a joint album under their group artist name Twenty88 that spilled all the tea on the force that is their emotional connection, it’s safe to say these two are in it for the long haul.

Today Big Sean is trying sushi, tomorrow he is deciding if it should be on the menu at their wedding… or am I getting ahead of myself?