Protoje Roasted For Taking Off His Signature Hat And Posing For The Gram

Protoje is getting roasted by fans after posting this photo on the Gram.

It seems Protoje was on a path to break the internet yesterday when he shared an image of himself pulling off a truly ‘royal’ pose while enjoying his weekend at The Jamaican Inn nestled in St. Ann. The cameras captured King Dig as he “chopped his tens” while sitting on the edge of a huge white bath. The image was further enlivened by the singer, as he pretended to make a phone call from a landline. Oh, and did we forgot to mention that the “Who Knows” deejay was only fitted with a robe, which translates into him being without any sort of headwear. Huge!

The look is a strong yet uncanny one for some fans, who simply cannot get their minds wrapped around the image one would probably find in a men’s magazine. Still, it seems Proto knew exactly what he was doing as he explained in his somewhat cryptic caption. “Choosing how I spend my time. It’s completely by design,” said the “Stylin” deejay before giving mad props to the team at the cozy seaside villa. “Bless up @thejamaicainn for the love all weekend.”

Still, the look picked up a few negatives, with one person describing the repost on Zj Sparks’ IG page as follows: “This is giving me boujie aunty vibes.. ion like tht.” Another said, “Wow fame and fortune make a man sell him soul.”

“Can’t believe my eyes. No more rasta now we’re seeing a lot of Rasta pasta,” said another person alluding to the old switcheroo the Rastafarian performed.

Still, it seems the majority of comments were more welcoming of the change, with at least one fan envisioning the look for the cover of a magazine. “Vogue can book him for the next release,” came the comment. “Dis affi be my wallpaper lol mood !!!” Said a fan below the image uploaded on his official Instagram page.

Quite a few persons were shocked at the showing of his natural flourishing crown, which is usually tucked away under some form of head garment. “Rare occasion… was wondering if he has a Hatitat at the Habitat!” Someone jokingly commented.

Protoje has been trying his hands at a few different fashion styles in recent months, especially when it comes to the threads he dons in the music videos crafted for his new album In Search of Lost Times. You can check out a few of the videos from the project on his official Youtube channel then share your thoughts on the new looks.