Baker Danny Vengence Back Pedals On Mavado Rape Accusations, Calls Vado His Idol

The Baker, aka Danny Vengence, is back pedaling on rape accusations regarding Mavado.

It really does take a real man to apologize for his missteps, and American-based dancehall newcomer Danny Vengeance, better known as ‘The Baker’, is stepping up to withdraw some earlier statement he made about his one-time collaborator Mavado. Vengeance provided Mavado with the banging intro for his 2019 hit “Top Shotta Is Back,” which was included on the Aircraft Riddim compilation produced by Chimney Records. The intro was in accordance with the heroic statement Vengeance had given a CBS news team after he described just how he shot and killed an attacker who was looking to gain access to his van.

A few months after the release of Vado’s single, The Baker was seemingly dealing with another incident of theft, this time at the hands of Mavado, who he accused of stealing his song. Along with the accusations came threats from the upcoming deejay, as well as a few outlandish claims about the Gully Gad and other members of the MVP camp.

In August, he accused both Mavado and Alkaline of being drug users, with crack, cocaine, pills, and even lean, being their substances of choice. In one incident, he explained that the “So Blessed” deejay got so wasted that he passed out in the club and was possibly raped. Fans rubbished the statements coming from the Florida resident almost immediately after they were made, and it seems he is now cleaning up the filth he spewed about the entertainers.

He firstly offered up some advice that maybe he should have taken in the first place. “unuh need fe stop believe everything unuh hear pon social media,” he said in reference to the claims he had made months ago.

“No the man never get rape,” confirmed Vengeance before revealing the source of the rumor he helped to propel. “A lie some boy a tell. Some boy weh a hate pon the man long time knowing that me and him a go through a little thing and start feed me information. And you know weh dem boy de de, New York, LA.”

While not assuming much of the blame for his actions, he spoke about the numerous “haters” he discovered the Gully Gad had when anonymous persons contacted him via telephone to provide the false information. He heaped numerous praises to Mavado and his family throughout the video meanwhile assuring the singer that there is no form of ill-will from his side, and to top it off, he is no longer seeking payment for his involvement in the song that has since been streamed over 4,500,000 times on Youtube.

“The Baker alright me good, money a no my problem. I have 99 problems and money ain’t one” said Vengence as rolled a spliff while sitting at the edge of his mattress. The artiste used the global crisis as an indication to not “let money divide” the masses meanwhile, offering up prayers to Mavado’s son Dante, who is currently behind bars. Mavado has been criticized for his decision to remain in the states while his son is in prison. However, Vengeance explains that the pressures being applied to Vado should be channeled to Jamaica’s broken judicial system instead, which also treated his brother unfairly.

Yet, with all the praises and mention of Mavado and Kartel being his idols, Vengence still felt that the whole situation could have been avoided if the We The Best artiste had answered his phone promptly, instead of months later.

“Mavdo, you slip. You see when meh call yuh phone, yuh shoulda answer yuh phone. You shouldn’t wait till three and four months later to answer yuh phone. That no look right. That kinna shady.”

Understandably, the above statement has Gully fans questioning just how genuine the apology is. Nonetheless, Vengeance continued to remind his viewers that he had more to say on the topic. Therefore, Gully fans could look out his next upload to see if that one is a bit more sincere and believable.

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