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Protoje Debuts New Video “Still I Wonder” Off Latest Project ‘In Search Of Lost Time’

Protoje debuts a new video “Still I Wonder” off his latest project, In Search of Lost Time.

The In.Digg.Nation Collective has recently released the third visualizer from Protoje’s fifth studio album In Search of Lost Times. According to Proto, the track which is titled “Still I Wonder” “speaks a lot about misplacing your time and attention when trying to live your best life. To make something of yourself is always a challenge.” It’s a powerful message brought to life with great imagery from Director and Photographer Topshelf Junior, who has worked with the likes of Jhene Aiko and Dom Kennedy in the past.

Junior captures introspection through a lucid doubling effect, which runs through both the dark scenes, where Proto seems to battle his own demons and the lighter scenes where he fights with the female force played by the beautiful Brittany de Freitas. The scenes feel as if they have been run through an old tape recorder, with Junior even incorporating that old blur to sell the idea of Proto wandering through his memories.

One fan felt the connection and gave her take on it below a post on Proto’s Instagram page. “Relationships can be tough when you are being pulled in so many directions, especially when your career is popping. Depending on where you are in life and who is in your life at that moment the seriousness of a relationship I feel can wait, but you have to have someone in your life that is as driven as you in order for one to appreciate the work you do,” she said before commending the “Awesome video.”

You can check out the visual below to see what sort of feeling it evokes.