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DaBaby Reacts To Music Video Shooting That Left One Female Shot

DaBaby is reacting a shooting incident on set his music video last night that left at least one female nursing gunshot wounds.

It was a dark day in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Saturday after it was reported that one person was shot and injured in a haze of bullets that ended rapper DaBaby’s music video shoot. An eye witness video shared by The Shade Room shows a young woman lying along the side of the road shortly after shots were fired, and police were summoned. Upon returning to the scene later, the eye witness observed that the victim was no longer on the curb and quickly assumed that she was taken to the hospital.

“I pray that lady make it to the hospital and survive,” said the angry observer, while blasting the men who carried out the grim act. There has not been any official confirmation of the injuries the female sustained or her status in the hospital.

DaBaby, Stunna 4 Vegas, and other members of the Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment crew were shooting a music video for an unspecific song on West Blvd, on Saturday evening. Both rappers shared videos on their social media accounts, showing scores of people, including children, who all gathered on the scene to take part in the fun activities of the day. Sadly, clips captured from the incident show spectators running for safety from the barrage of shots that echoed on the street in the area the video was being shot.

While the desired target of the incident has not been confirmed, some critics believed the hit was a reprisal for the deadly 2018 Walmart incident involving Dababy. For now, Dababy seems unbothered by the incident, after posting videos of himself at the “Nightmare in Carolina” theater and horror show.

We’re told that the female is currently hospitalized with life threatening injuries. The rapper did not say anything about that, but he noted that he was not on the set of the video shoot when gunfire erupted late Saturday evening.