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Doja Cat Breaks Silence on French Montana Dating Rumors, Here’s What She Said

Doja Cat and French Montana
Doja Cat, French Montana

Doja Cat says French Montana did not get the goods.

It turns out that rapper French Montana isn’t the big playboy we’ve all been hearing about as Doja Cat set the record straight about them dating, claiming that they’re collaborating on some new music. It doesn’t take much for the online community to cohesively declare that artistes are in a relationship. It could be something as small as liking each other’s posts on social media, being seen out and about together, or sharing photos online of any time spent together, the reason for which seems irrelevant to the die-hard rumor mill club. This inkling typically goes one of two ways, it’s either straight up facts or a big fat lie.

Recently “Candy” singer Doja Cat was paired with French Montana as fans began to speculate that the pair were embroiled in a steamy love situation after videos of the two were circulated online earlier this week. In a snippet of the clip, the two rappers can be seen enjoying each other’s company in lavish style on a yacht with friends. This was not the only meet up between the two which strengthened fans’ suspicions of a budding romance. Sadly, it seems that this time around the time being spent together by both parties is strictly for business and not pleasure.

Doja addressed the rumors earlier today in an aggressive manner, which fans have pretty much become used to over the past few months, with her constantly being in the spotlight for negative and controversial topics and matters.

“Me and French got a song coming out. F**kin relax,” she wrote in a tweet.

One fan jumped at the opportunity to get some details on the upcoming song asking Doja via tweet if the collaboration with French will also feature the likes of Megan Thee Stallion. While Doja did not directly answer the query, she did “like” the tweet, which we’ll accept as a confirmation in the positive tone. A track featuring Doja, French Montana, and Megan Thee Stallion seems like such an unlikely matchup that fans are anxious for it to drop.

On the other hand, there are some that are not convinced by Doja’s explanation citing that music is made in the studios and not out on a yacht. If it is true that there is something going on between French and Doja Cat, then he must have his hands pretty full as he was also recently linked romantically with former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes in her publicized cheating scandal.

Whether musically or in the love realm, everything seems to be going great for French Montana.