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Cardi B Files For “WAP” Trademark For Clothes, Beer & Jewelry Merch

Cardi B is seeking copyright ownership of “WAP” for much more than clothes.

After the success of Cardi B’s Megan Thee Stallion-assisted hit “WAP,” the Grammy Award-winning rapper launched a merch line for fans with an assortment of apparel from sports bras to sweatpants. Now the rapper is looking to expand her new WAPstore to include a diverse array of other items.

According to TMZ, Cardi B filed with the USPTO to trademark “WAP” for products like purses, athletic bags, footwear, headwear, accessories, jewelry, mineral water, liquor, sports drinks, and soft drinks, to stickers and much more. While Cardi started out with an aqua-themed line of goodies that focused heavily on the ‘W’ with umbrellas, raincoats, and more, she is looking to take over every miscellaneous item you can sell in a store.

It’s understandable that one would want legal ownership of their intellectual property after coining such an immensely popular term. “WAP,” which stands for ‘wet a** pu**y,’ is the title of Cardi B’s fourth Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper. The single extended her lead as the female rap artist with the most No. 1 entries in the history of the chart.

“WAP” was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America less than three weeks after its release on August 7, which is indicative of its impact on popular culture and how tremendously the slang permeated the online media sphere. The provocative terminology found a permanent place in the social networking vernacular.

If Cardi is successful in her endeavor and her application is approved, she will become the sole owner of the “WAP” trademark. While this isn’t expected to thwart an onset of knock-offs or apparel bearing the title, it will, at the very least, keep major infringement at bay.

“WAP” products may be coming to a store near you sooner than you think.